2014 Hunter Cut-off Scores Announced 9/17
2014 NYC ELA – 357  /   Math – 346  qualifying scores

Parents must apply on-line starting 9/22/14 on Hunter College High School Website
Application deadline is :  November 6, 2015
There is qualifying test offered by the Hunter College High School in November for students without NYC ELA/Math Scores.

Q. What are the benefits of attending Hunter HS?
A. Located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Hunter College High School is one of the most competitive middle schools in the nation, as quoted by The Wall Street Journal and other sources. The school’s curriculum is widely revered for excellence in both humanities and sciences. It is also noted for sending a very large percentage of their students to the top tier colleges and universities.

Q. I want to prepare for my child to attend Hunter High School. How can I have my child be considered?

A. With the only point of admission being in kindergarten and 7th grade, all entering students are required to take a competitive entrance exam. The exam is open only to students who are New York City residents. Students must qualify to take the Entrance Exam by achieving qualifying scores on 5th grade NY Statewide tests. The qualifying score changes each year.

Q. In order to be eligible to take the test, my child needs to perform well on the NYS ELA and Math test. Should we be preparing for the state test instead?
A. Our initial goal is to have students qualify for the exam. Whilst preparing for the HCHS test, they will be learning the key techniques and skills to score well even on the NYS exams. We do not want to overwhelm and burden students with a bulk of advanced material, so our 2014 fall semester starts them off by having grade level material quickly but thoroughly covered.

Q. I noticed that the material students are tested on have not been covered by public schools. Will topics not yet covered in school be taught during your program?

A. The topics to be covered for the exam will certainly be covered in any one of our Hunter preparation courses. However, it is quite a dense amount of material, so most students that are aiming for Hunter will typically take our spring (16 wk), summer (8 wk), and then our fall (10 wk) course right up until testing day.

Q. I’m not sure if I want to send my child to Hunter as of now. Would the course still be effective?

A. Even if you do not choose to send your child to Hunter, the preparation course will boost your child’s proficiency level to an extent that could later help him/her for the Specialized High School exam. The HCHS preparation course specializes in covering advanced mathematical and essay writing concepts which will also give them a head start into junior high school and beyond. With the test taking tips and techniques learned, students will become better and stronger test takers.

Q. How do you prepare your students?
A. 2014-15 Courses Available (most effective if taken in order listed):

  • 2015-16 Fall Saturday 16-wk Semester: Sept. 6 –Jan. 2 2016, 9:00am–2:45pm
  • 2015 Fall 16-wk Writing Course: Fridays, Sept. 6–Dec. 18, 3:50–5:50pm
  • 2015 -16 5-day Crash Course: 12/26-1/2, 10:00am–4:30pm