NameCurrent SchoolAcceptances
Azwad I.MS 172Townsend Harris/Stuyvesant
Daniel S.JHS 185Bronx Science
Divya T.Forest Hill MontessoriBrooklyn Tech
Dustin Y.JHS 216Bronx Science
Julian L.JHS 216Stuyvesant
Mansi P.JHS 216Stuyvesant
Moonshath H.MS 172Townsend Harris
Princeton C.MS 158Bronx Science
Rachel C.JHS 185Bronx Science
Raisa A.MS 216Stuyvesant
Sam H.JHS 194Brooklyn Latin
Syeda J.MS 216Stuyvesant

List will continue to be updated




“For the past 20 years, Kent Prep has been serving the local community by guiding high achieving students gain admission into some of the most competitive public and private high schools in the nation.”


2015 High School Admission Slide Presentation
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Q. How can my child qualify to take the admissions test into a specialized high school?
A. The SHSAT is an examination administered to 8th and 9th grade students residing in any one of the five New York City boroughs.

Q. What schools can my child attend by taking this test?  
A. The test will provide admission to all but one of the 9 specialized high schools.

  1. Stuyvesant High School
  2. Bronx High School of Science
  3. Brooklyn Technical High School
  4. Brooklyn Latin School
  5. High School for Math, Science, and Engineering at City College
  6. High School of American Studies at Lehman College
  7. Queens High School for the Sciences at York College
  8. Staten Island Technical High School
  9.  Fiorello H. LaGuardia Hs of Music & Art is determined by audition, rather than by taking an examination.

Q. What determines my child’s qualification into a specific school?
A. Each school has its own cut off score. The results are ordered from the highest to the lowest score. The list is processed in order by score, with each student being placed in their most-preferred school that still has open seats, and continuing until there are no remaining open seats at any school.

Q. What are the benefits of attending a specialized high school?  
A.  Every one of the specialized high schools has its own unique advantages and impression, but most primarily concentrates on mathematics and science, the fundamental academic subjects for higher education. They each have their own array of advanced placement courses and electives.

Q. What is the format of the test?  
A. There are two sections on this test:  English and Math.

English –45 Multiple Choice Questions and 75 minutes to answer
10 Logical Reasoning questions
5 Scrambled Paragraph (worth 2 points each).
30 Reading Comprehension (5 reading passages with 6 questions each)
*KP TIP: Reading passages are mainly scientific passages based on fact finding and analyzing skills. Authors tone and implied meaning can be found as implied questions.
Math – There are 50 math questions and 75 minutes to answer.
*KP TIP: Unlike regents or statewide math questions, math skills required for this test are rather conceptual and require critical thinking. Fraction, ratio, percents, and algebra concepts are tested from easy, medium, to very difficult questions towards the end of the exam with small number of geometry concepts.

Q. How do you prepare your students?
A. 2015-16 Courses Available (most effective if taken in order listed):

2015 Summer 7-wk Semester: Mon.-Thurs., 11:45am–4:15pm (3 complementary mock tests scheduled Fridays)

2015 Fall Specialized HS Package:

  • 7-wk Saturday Course
  • Weekday Mock Exam Course
  • Intensive 3-wk Crash Course