Q. What is the “gifted and talented” program?

A.  NYC Department of Education Gifted and Talented programs provide challenging instruction to children with exceptional academic capacity. In G&T programs, students are grouped together in a class with similar students and receive appropriate instruction in all content areas.

Q. How is it different from a “regular” class?
A. The DOE’s recommendation is for teachers assigned to G&T programs to differentiate instruction, provide appropriate enrichment opportunities, compact the curriculum, and accelerate the content.

Q. How is the test structured?
A. There are two assessment exams that compose the G&T admissions test: NNAT and OLSAT. The total test is partitioned into “nonverbal” and “verbal” sections, which are also composed of sub-clusters.

 VerbalVerbal ComprehensionMeasures the ability to manipulate or respond to information through listening to language; e.g., following directions
Verbal ReasoningMeasures the ability to discover patterns or relationships and to solve problems through the use of language such as aural reasoning and arithmetic reasoning


NonverbalPattern CompletionStudents will look at a design and identify which portion is missing
Reasoning by AnalogyStudents will recognize relationships between several geometric shapes
Serial ReasoningStudents will recognize the sequence of shapes
Spatial VisualizationStudents will recognize how two or more objects would look if combined

Q. What score will qualify my child?
A. Your child must score at the 90th percentile or above for District G&T Programs and at the 97th percentile or above for the Citywide G&T schools.

Q. How is the score calculated?
A. The scores of the assessments will be combined to generate a percentile rank. Scores will be calculated based on the weight of each assessment and the student’s age. The verbal score will be weighted approximately 1/3 and the nonverbal score will be weighted approximately 2/3.

Q. How do you prepare your students?
A. 2015-16 Courses Available (most effective if taken in order listed):

  • 2015 Summer 8-wk/6-wk Semester: July 1–Aug. 29/Aug.8, Mon.-Thurs., 9:00am–1:45pm
  • Pre-K 2015–16 Fall “LITTLE SCHOLARS” 32-wk Semester: Sat., Sept. 14 –June 6, 10:00am–11:30am
  • 2015-16 Weekday GT Prep: Tues., Thurs., Sept.10–test date, 3:50pm–5:50pm
  • 2015 10 day GT Crash Course: Dec. 7–Jan. 4, 12:00pm–1:30pm