A new year, a set of fresh new challenges. Our Spring online live classes will offer consistent high-quality learning where students will meet with their teachers virtually. Our Summer and Fall classes will be offered in two formats, in-person* and live online. Our in-person classes will provide students with face-to-face instruction in a classroom setting with all recommended safety guidelines in place to ensure a safe learning environment.

*In-person instruction can transition to online at any time. Kent Prep will offer a refund of the full remaining tuition if this occurs and if the registrant does not wish to continue attending the remaining sessions in an online format.


2021 Spring Saturday Course

Spring Semester: 2/6 – 6/12, 2021 (16 weeks)
Class Hours: 9:00 AM – 2:35 PM


 2021 Summer Programs 

Dates: 7/6-8/19, 2021 (7 weeks)
Schedule: Monday to Thursday (First week will be Tues. to Fri. due to observance of Independence Day on July 5th)
Hours: 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Includes 4 complimentary full mock exams on 4 Fridays during the Summer semester

 2021 Fall SHSAT & Regents Prep Course 

1. SHSAT & Regents Saturday Course

  • SHSAT Duration: 9/11-10/30, 2021 (8 weeks)
  • Regents Duration: 11/6, 2021-1/8/2022 (8 weeks)
  • Intensive and comprehensive test prep programs.
  • 3 class periods cover each subject of the test.
  • After the SHSAT test, content will transition into Regents preparation until the end of Fall and continue into Spring 2022.

2. SHSAT Mock Test Course

  • Duration: 9/13-10/15, 2021 (5 weeks, 4 days/week)
  • Practice test taking with new technique and strategy achievement.
  • Mock test & review each class.
  • Test amount to a full-length exam each week.

3. SHSAT Crash Course

  • Duration: 10/18-11/4, 2021 (3 weeks, 4 days/week)
  • Last intensive review with actual past exam questions.
  • Final push to get students motivated before the official exam.
  • Opportunity for students to address any lingering questions.

SHSAT Anticipated Test Date: Nov. 6th (Sat.) or 7th (Sun.)

Call (718.423.5757) to register by Friday, February 5th, 2021. Discounts up to $2,200 available for multiple semester registrations. Seating is limited so please register soon to reserve a seat for your child.