On Saturday, May 1st, Kent Prep will be hosting its annual scholarship test event!

Winners will be awarded scholarships towards Kent Prep’s 2021 Summer program and services. Scholarship eligibility will be based on a composite of test scores in: reading comprehension and math. This test also serves as a mandatory placement test for all 2021 summer students.

Test results will help counselors and teachers determine what content students have already mastered and what will need to be learned over the course of the summer.

9th to 11th graders have the option of taking our SAT or ACT mock exams in lieu of a general placement test. The mock exam results can be used to determine eligibility for the scholarship as well as determined placement for the summer classes.

Exams can be taken in person with us or remotely online. You must indicate which method you prefer on the test application form. *Our classrooms are set up with your child’s safety in mind and according to CDC regulations.

Candidates: Current 3rd to 11th graders

Date: Saturday, May 1st at 10:00 AM to *11:35 AM – 1:00 PM
(* Test ending time depends on grade level)

Fee: **No Fee
(** There is a $55 fee for our SAT/ACT mock exams. Fee is waived for summer registrants.)

Watch this video tutorial to learn about how our test will be administrated!

To register an the exam, please click on R.S.V.P. and submit your form by Wednesday, April 28th. We will send you a follow-up email with the test codes and additional instructions needed for test day.