We’re happy to announce that  our 2021 Fall program will be offering both in-person and live online courses throughout the 2021 academic year. 

The safety of our students, their families and our team is our top priority and our facilities will continue to maintain CDC guidelines as we invite our students to join us for in-person classes. Additionally, in response to the different needs and any hesitancy attending in-person classes, we will continue to offer the option of live online classes throughout the year.

2021 Fall- 2022 Spring Semester Schedule:

SAT/ACT(10-12th Grade)

PSAT & Regents(8-10th Grade)

SHSAT (7-8th Grade)


Hunter & Enrichment (6th Grade)

Statewide ELA And Math Prep (3-7th Grade)

Common Core Enrichment (K-2nd Grade)

Register by Saturday, August 14th to take advantage of our 3rd and final early registration discount. (Students that are currently enrolled or have Gold/Silver membership status with us are eligible for a 1 week grace period until August 21st.)

August 10th, 2021|

Here are some helpful tips to help you prepare before test day.

1. Be sure to check your admissions ticket for the address to confirm which of the three locations your test will be held:

  • HCHS at 94th St. between Park and Madison Avenues
  • Hunter College – West Building at 68th St.and Lexington Ave.
  • Hunter College – North Building at 69th St. between Park and Lexington Ave.

2. Get organized in advance to alleviate unnecessary stress on the day of by preparing:

  • Your admission ticket (a must!)
  • 3 sharpened pencils and an erasable black pen
  • A wrist watch to help you pace and keep track of time
  • Tic-tacs or candy to stay awake during the exam
  • A water bottle – if necessary

3. Be sure to double check your answer sheet before submitting.

4. Brainstorm for the best, unique essay!

5. Be an active reader and underline as needed!

6. Don’t stress!

– enjoy the process…you are privileged!

Kick the brain into action so that it’s ready to work by the time the test starts, not waking up after question 15. Read this poem on your way to take the test to wake yourself up and get your brain stimulated!


Hunter High

Here I come

Today’s the day

I quash the test

I’ll do my best

Better than the rest

no matter what

I am still number one

If I should fail

I’m not done

I’ll do it again