Common Core Enrichment
(A.k.a. Gifted & Talented Program) for

K – 2nd Graders

Kent Prep’s Little Scholars program is for students who need to learn at faster pace and at a higher level than in their school classroom. The program provides students an extra challenge to help them stay engaged and interested in learning. The program focuses on specific subject areas and allow them to work at a level that feels most comfortable for them.

At Kent Prep, students first complete an assessment exam that gives the education team an in-depth picture of their academic level. With this information, Kent Prep Counselors create a customized tutoring program that allows your child to progress at his or her own pace.

Course Description

“I love Kent. It is the best. I have learned so much from here. They have a great staff that helps with my learning.”


“I love learning at Kent Prep. The teachers are very good at teaching us new things. Also, the counselors are very helpful and help us with our homework.”


“My child gained a lot of academic confidence through the prep courses at Kent.”