College-bound (8-12 G)

Kent Prep’s consultants are committed to providing college admissions assistance and college consulting to students from around the world so that they can gain admission to even the most competitive universities in the US. Kent Prep provides the resources, knowledge, and guidance necessary for students and families to conduct an effective college search and to make the right college planning decisions.

Premier College Consulting Service

Kent Prep’s Premier Consultation module is formulated to guarantee acceptance into at least 3-targeted schools and the option of school choice. Through personalized and extensive research, our consultants find the respectable “safety” to “top-reach” schools, while ensuring fit. Available services include but are not limited to:
  1. Aptitude and fit assessment through official MBTI
  2. Application review and completion
  3. Essay review and editing
  4. FAFSA application review and submission
  5. Review and address of requirements for each school chosen
  6. Recommendation letters and resume organization
  7. Admission interview coaching
  8. Extracurricular activity recommendation and networking
  9. Test score augmenting programs
  10. SAT/ACT mock exams
  11. Guided school tours and visits

Additional College Writing Supplements

Kent Prep Educational Liaison

- School Visits / Tours around US
- Interview (Student & Parent) Guidance
- Up to 9 hours of guided service