KENT SSAT Residential Programs
(4-7th Graders)

Kent’s SSAT residential program, Kent Noblesse, is designed to prepare students by developing their test-taking skills while also building the confidence, discipline, and excellence necessary to flourish academically in high school.

Kent’s comprehensive model of early immersion builds skills needed to master the SSAT as well as standardized admissions exams such as the ISEE and TACHS. Furthermore, skills learned take students past mere test taking and gear up towards persuasive writing and public speaking skill acquisition, effective study habit building, and extensive vocabulary building.

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Based upon a model of early immersion in academic and leadership training, the Premier SSAT program provides students with four weeks of all-inclusive preparation from raising scores to building keynote skills of a successful writer and speaker. Designed to prime students to stand above the rest, students will be confidently score closer to the 90% percentile.

SSAT residential program provides and is not limited to:

• minimum of 6 hours/day of SSAT training with subject specific instructors
• practice of up to 10 official SSAT mock exams to benchmark scores
• small group and, or tutoring available 24/7 with residing teachers
• college level persuasive writing and public speaking training
• a daily timetable under supervision of residing counselors and staff
• full utilization and access to gated college facilities
• continuous support and ongoing college counseling
• planned group weekend excursions and activities
• distinguished recommendation letters with successful completion of course
• airport shuttle services


July 10 – August 4th, 2016 (4 Weeks)
Location: Manhattanville College, NY
(*Round trip airport transportation available from JFK)




Kent distinguishes itself from other programs through additional training in character, aptitude, and passion (CAP). CAP development ensures that students possess the discipline to excel and the capacity to lead and succeed beyond academia. As a result of the training, students are prepared to serve in positions of leadership throughout their course work and career. Through the passionate pursuit of their ambitions, Kent’s students stand out among other achievers in even the most selective pools and applicants.

“I have been attending Kent Prep since I was 7 years old with their local program in NYC. As soon as I became eligible to attend the Noblesse SSAT residential program, I have been going every summer for the past 3 years. The camp has helped me become a better test taker and a better leader. I have become more independent, responsible, and determined in my approach to school. I have recently taken my SSAT and through all the years of preparation, I went in and came out of the test room with confidence. I am now just waiting to attend the Kent Prep SAT program in just 1 more year!”
-Victoria T. (New York, US)

“Kent Prep is the first summer camp that I attended. When I was first told to attend I was nervous in being away from home for the first time. But when I arrived to campus, I knew immediately that I would be taken care of and would not have to worry. All the counselors made me feel welcome and the other students were just as nice. Whenever I felt homesick or discouraged, I liked most that there was someone there at any time and any day. I know that the friends and mentors that I met during Kent’s camp are ones I will keep in touch forever.”
– Maya D. (New York, US)

“I have attended many summer camps since I was five years old. Of all the programs that I have attended, Kent Prep is the most memorable and significant to me. The inspiring teachers, supportive counselors, and prized friends from all over the world are what makes each summer at Kent so different and extraordinary. Even just after one summer, I have made best friends from the opposite side of the world and we continue to keep one another motivated all throughout the year via Skype!”
– Jane L. (Singapore)

“Kent Prep is awesome! Not only is it my first summer camp, but it is also the motivation that gave me the courage to apply and attend a boarding school in England. I grew up and lived in NY my entire life. But through the experience and confidence I received through the CAP training and SSAT training at Kent Prep, I am completely enjoying and doing well in my first year at school. I’m excited to return to Kent next summer to tell my friends and Ms. Joyce all about it!”
-Kasey P. (New York, US)

“I attended Kent Prep to help me improve my English and to do better on my SSAT. My older brother attended Kent Prep’s summer program last year and this year we are attended the summer together to raise our SSAT scores. Our goal is to attend the same boarding school in the US and with the improvements we have gotten here at Kent Prep, I am sure we can do it. Because my English is weaker, teachers and counselors gave me extra attention and instruction to help me catch up. Even though I had to work harder and for longer hours, it was not hard because I had so much support and guidance. I am very thankful for everything the program has done for our family.”
-Maria V. (Moscow, Russia)

“Even though I was already doing well in school and fairly well on the SSAT, I needed to improve my school over one summer to attend the high school of my dreams. With the techniques and strategies that the teachers at Kent Prep taught me, I was able to break my score plateau and score well above the 90th percentile. It took hard work and self-discipline, but the environment and encouragement that Kent provided is what drove me there.”
-Kevin L. (Hong Kong)

“Before I attended Kent Noblesse, I did not know what an academic summer camp would be like. I imagined we would just study all day and at that time, I truthfully resented my parents a bit for taking away my summer to study. But within a week into the program, I knew that the program was beyond just SSAT preparation but much more. I left the program with not just a higher score and with more knowledge, but I also left with more confidence in writing and public speaking. The staff, teachers, and peers that I have met are continuously stirring me to aim higher.”
-Ray P. (Bedford, UK)


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