Why Visit Schools?

At Kent Prep, we believe that the key component of school selection to go to is finding a good fit. Often, the best way to get more information is to visit the schools in person.

Get a Firsthand View

A campus visit is your opportunity to get a firsthand view of a school. A school brochure or website can only show you so much. To really get a feel for the school, you need to walk around campus, sit in on a visit also provides you with the opportunity to talk to students, faculty, and financial aid and admission officers. You can get answers to important questions, including:
  • What is the average class size and the student-to-faculty ratio?
  • How is the food? What are the options?
  • What is the culture of the school? Conservative? Competitive?
  • How large are the dorms?

Why Tour With Kent Prep?

Kent Prep School Tour Program: Kent Prep’s admission team helps put together a school list to visit, then personally points out the specific benefits while touring schools.

Get Professional Advice and Guidance

Although a school may be reputed as a “top school”, it may not always be the best fit school for an individual. Our experienced counselors use proven tools to help students determine top schools that are most fit and approachable. [/av_textblock] [av_codeblock wrapper_element='' wrapper_element_attributes='']
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