Course Description:
Program designed to provide lessons adapted to the advanced learning needs while challenging students on a group level. Premeditated pre-tests gauge proficiency levels to avoid risking loss of motivation in teaching material that the students have already mastered.


  1. Challenge and enhance students’ proficiency levels in areas to broaden and deepen learning experience.
  2. Correlate Common Core curriculum with more in-depth material for easier retention of later taught concepts.
  3. To engage students in rigorous academic setting while providing the support needed to meet academic challenges and to “discover own capabilities.”
  4. Deliver flexible schedule that provide subjects appropriate to child’s individual needs.

Weekday Schedule (Kindergarten– 7th):

  • Time: 3:50-5:50pm
  • Monday: Creative Math (Problem Solving)
  • Tuesday: English Language Arts
  • Wednesday: Reading Comprehension
  • Thursday: Common Core Math
  • Friday: Writing (Grammar, structure, thesis building)

Saturday Schedule (4th – 7th):

  • Time: 9:00am-2:45pm
  • Four 80 min. periods of enrichment or test specific preparation, depending on grade level.