Hunter (5th – 6th Grade)

Located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Hunter College High School is one of the most competitive middle schools in the nation, as quoted by The Wall Street Journal and other sources. The school’s curriculum is widely revered for excellence in both humanities and sciences. It is also noted for sending a very large percentage of their students to the top tier colleges and universities. With the only point of admission being in kindergarten and 7th grade, all entering students are required to take a competitive entrance exam. The exam is open only to students who are New York City residents. Students must qualify to take the Entrance Exam by achieving qualifying scores on 5th grade NY Statewide tests. The qualifying score changes each year.

Fall, Spring, Summer

With in-class instruction from our test experts, you will have everything you need to do well on the Hunter HS admissions exam. Throughout each course, subject-specific “mini tests” are administered with each class to give you the information you need to know about how you are progressing and where you should focus your prep.

5-Day Winter Crash Course

Our Hunter Crash Course will take you by the hand and teach you exactly what you need to do and exactly how you need to do it in order to maximize your scores in a short amount of time.

This is ideal for:
• 6th graders registered to take the Hunter exam
• Students looking for test prep strategies and tips.
• Students looking for added confidence before the exam.
You get:
• 35 total hours of expert prep right before the exam.
• The best available test taking strategies.
• Content refresher, timing tips, exam tricks.
• All materials provided.

Mock Exam

Practicing under realistic exam conditions allows for students to perfect their scores leading up to their official exam. Mock exams are also a great opportunity for you to pinpoint strengths and weakness, while also determining potential cutoff scores and schools. Mock Exams Registration Page

Name Current School
Parth Kochhar PS 203Q
Alexander Wood JHS 185
Chase Goldberg PS 174
Ellis Rubin JHS 157
Jack Escowitz JHS 185
Joseph Kim NEST+m
Roy Park JHS 194
Eric Chae MS 122
Eric Samson St/ Andrews
Lynn Kim JHS 185
*List will continue to be updated