Q. What is the “gifted and talented” program?
A. NYC Department of Education Gifted and Talented programs provide challenging instruction to children with exceptional academic capacity. In G&T programs, students are grouped together in a class with similar students and receive appropriate instruction in all content areas.

Q. How is it different from a “regular” class?
A. The DOE’s recommendation is for teachers assigned to G&T programs to differentiate instruction, provide appropriate enrichment opportunities, compact the curriculum, and accelerate the content.

Q. How is the test structured?
A. There are two assessment exams that compose the G&T admissions test: NNAT and OLSAT. The total test is partitioned into “nonverbal” and “verbal” sections, which are also composed of sub-clusters.

Q. What score will qualify my child?
A. Your child must score at the 90th percentile or above for District G&T Programs and at the 97th percentile or above for the Citywide G&T schools.

Q. How is the score calculated?
A. The scores of the assessments will be combined to generate a percentile rank. Scores will be calculated based on the weight of each assessment and the student’s age. The verbal score will be weighted approximately 1/3 and the nonverbal score will be weighted approximately 2/3.

Classes Available

2017 spring – Fall

Weekdays: K-2nd G

  • Time: 3:50-5:50pm
  1. Monday: Creative Math (Problem Solving)
  2. Tuesday: English Language Arts/GT Prep
  3. Wednesday: Reading Comprehension
  4. Thursday: General Math/GT Prep
  5. Friday: Writing (Grammar, structure, thesis building)

2017 summer: 7/10 – 8/24 (7 weeks)

  • Mon.– Thurs., 9:00AM – 1:45 PM (20 minute lunch period)
  • Prepares students to be more confident for following grade levels
  • Fosters deeper understanding of concepts for continuous growth
  1. “Creative Math” Problem Solving
  2. Reading and Writing
  3. Vocabulary and Grammar