PSAT(9–10th Grade)

The Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test is a program co-sponsored by the College Board and National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC). It’s a standardized test that provides firsthand practice for the SAT while also serving as eligibility to enter NMSC scholarship programs.
Online registration for the PSAT is not available. High schools choose only one October test date for students in either 10th or 11th grade to take. Tests are administered in own high school and not in test centers.
The PSAT is shorter in length than the SAT, with 5 sections made up of two 25-min critical reading sections, two 25-min math sections, and one 30-min writing section. The scores are reported differently with a Selection Index from 60-240, as opposed to 600-2400 for the SAT. PSAT scores are not reported to colleges and do not play a part in college admissions procedure. However, students may in turn receive information and tools from colleges that meet required scores if “Student Search Service” is checked off on test day.
There are many advantages in taking the PSAT.
Being that it is a “practice SAT,” you will receive feedback on areas need improvement and reinforcement, before the actual SAT exam. You will also familiarize yourself with the kinds of questions and directions seen on the SAT.
See how your performance on an admissions test might compare with that of others applying to college.
Enter the competition for scholarships from NMSC (grade 11).
Kent Prep’s programs start students off as early as the fall semester of 9th grade, as soon as they enter high school. Kent Prep believes that early preparation is KEY and works to embed and build test-taking skills as soon as students are comfortable in their own high school environments. Starting off with PSAT preparation, as opposed to immediate SAT preparation allows students to really gain a concrete understanding of how to solve questions seen on the SAT. Starting early with PSAT prep also allows them to expand their capacity and lift their proficiency level, enabling them to comfortably enter college.

Classes Available

2017 Fall: 9/9/2017 – 1/6/2018 (16 weeks)

  • Saturdays: 9:00AM – 2:45 PM (30 minute lunch period)
  • Students take four 80-minute classes that reinforce test material and techniques

10th-12th G

  • PSAT Math
  • AP Level Writing
  • Grammar
  • PSAT Reading Comprehension

Supplemental Friday Writing Course: 9/15/2017 – 1/12/2018 (4:30PM-6:30PM)

  • Advanced AP writing standards
  • College Essay Writing Preparation

2018 summer: 7/9 – 8/23 (7 weeks)

  • Mon.– Thurs., 9:00AM – 1:45 PM (20 minute lunch period)
  • Students take two classes a day and 4 subjects in total
  • Pre-tests and homework assignments reinforce material taught in class
  • Small groups are led by test specialists and subject specific teachers to improve score potential and GPAs
  1. PSAT Math
  2. Intro HS Chemistry
  3. PSAT Reading Comprehension
  4. Vocabulary and Writing