SSAT/ISEE (3rd – 8th Grade)

The SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) and ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) are used for admission to US private middle and high schools. Both exams test Math, Reading, and Vocabulary. The major difference between the tests is in how they test your abilities in each of those subjects. As for the math, the ISEE places a heavier emphasis on mathematical reasoning than the SSAT does. To test vocabulary, the SSAT uses synonyms and analogies, while the ISEE uses synonyms and sentence completion. The reading passages on SSAT tend to be shorter than the ISEE, but the SSAT includes a broader range of genres, like poetry. If the schools you're applying to will take either test, our counselors can determine the one that's better suited to your abilities and help you prepare for it.

Kent Prep’s private instruction program is designed and delivered around your child’s unique needs, learning style, and score goals. The exclusive one-on-one instruction is also flexible and can be held at our offices or online at your convenience and on your schedule. The individualized attention that students receive ensure that scores increase and goals are met. 

Crash Course

Our SSAT Crash Course will take you by the hand and teach you exactly what you need to do and exactly how you need to do it in order to maximize your scores in a short amount of time.