Q. Where can I send my child if I prepare for this exam?
A. The TACHS exam provides eligibility to attend Catholic high schools in and around New York City.

Q. How is the test formatted?
A. The exam tests many of the same academic skills as the COOP and HSPT exams. The test is also very similar to the TerraNova tests which are given every year in early October. The major areas that are covered on the TACHS are reading, language, mathematics, and general reasoning ability skills.

Q. When should my child take the test?
A. Every year the TACHS test normally takes place in early November with the results coming back in January and February. The test is administered to grade 8 students for admission into the next year’s freshman class

Q. In what subject areas will students be tested?  
A. Test will cover the following:

The mathematics section of the test will encompass needed knowledge with: integers, fractions, decimals, percents, algebra, geometry, polygons, circles, measurements, graphs and tables, word problems, sequencing, and analogies.

This section focuses on the student’s ability to depict patterns and sequences that can be used for further edification.

Verbal Skills
The verbal skills tested are ones seen on many standardized tests, such as the SAT and ACT. The skills tested include, but are not limited to: word roots, synonyms and antonyms, and verbal reasoning.