SAT-ACT Residential Program
(8–12th Graders)

Kent Prep’s SAT-ACT residential program provides top-notch preparation for college admissions- from the most updated and comprehensive test prep to knowledgeable school choice.

The 4-week SAT-ACT residential program delivers curriculum with accurate and up-to-date NEW SAT-ACT questions to ensure that students reach their very best score potentials. This equips students with an immense advantage in deliberating exactly what to expect on official test day.

Kent Prefects 2014-15

Kent Prep’s teaching tactic develops essential test taking skills and is led by highly qualified and experienced teachers. These test specialists share tip and techniques that are invaluable to score boosting.

Distinguished counselors also work with students throughout the term allotted to provide students with academic guidance beyond scores. Their guidance not only helps students build healthy study habits, but also guides students through choosing majors, schools, and vocations around their personal strengths.

Kent Prefects 2013-14

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July 10– August 4th, 2016 (4 Weeks)
Location: Manhattanville College, NY
(*Round trip airport transportation available from JFK)

Our residential program provides and is not limited to:

• minimum of 6 hours/day of SAT-ACT training with subject specific instructors
• practice of up to 10 official SAT-ACT mock exams to benchmark scores
• small group and, or tutoring available 24/7 with residing teachers
• public speaking training and practice
• a daily timetable under supervision of residing counselors and staff
• full utilization and access to gated college facilities
• continuous academic counseling services available following summer program
• planned group weekend excursions and activities
• distinguished recommendation letters with successful completion of course
• airport shuttle services

Kent SAT-ACT Residential Programs

Kent SAT-ACT Residential Programs

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Kent distinguishes itself from other programs through additional training in character, aptitude, and passion (CAP). CAP development ensures that students possess the discipline to excel and the capacity to lead and succeed beyond academia. As a result of the training, students are prepared to serve in positions of leadership throughout their course work and career. Through the passionate pursuit of their ambitions, Kent’s students stand out among other achievers in even the most selective pools and applicants.

“When I first arrived at Kent, I was under the impression that it would be continuous studying and nothing more. Kent immediately exceeded my expectations, because everyone helped motivate each other and friendships were made quickly. Aside from the positive reassurance and teamwork, I was sincerely impressed with the curriculum. If I could recommend this program to prospective students, I would encourage those who either have or want to hone their work ethics. I encourage students to apply if they genuinely want to do well on the SAT-ACT and also make lifelong friendships. If you apply yourself in this course, you will definitely succeed. The teachers were extremely qualified. They were concise and explained material in detail, and I could not have asked for more.”
-Max U. (New York, US)

Kent SAT-ACT Residential Programs

Kent SAT-ACT Residential Programs


“To be honest, I was first reluctant about an SAT-ACT prep program because my impressions from my past experiences with SAT/ACT Prep courses were negative, and I was never satisfied with my results. Therefore, during my search I was really looking for intensity, and qualified teachers to help me beyond just studying. To me studying is just regurgitating information, but what I wanted to gain were learning strategies, and constructive criticism particularly on my essays. I came to Kent not knowing what was going to happen but was happily surprised right after the first day. Not only were the teachers qualified, but so were the counselors. It was a relaxing environment while also academic focused.”
-Ben K. (New York, US)

“I was looking for a challenge and I came across Kent’s program on their website. Kent was exactly what I was looking for: SAT-ACT prep and more. My goal was to break a 2300 on the SAT and I achieved that goal. At the beginning of the program, I bonded with campers within just two days! It was so hard to say goodbye on the last day. I wanted to stay there for the rest of the year. If you are considering Kent’s program, it’s best to remember that while you’re there, you have to work very hard if you want to excel in the program.”
-Stephanie L. (Beijing, China)

“On the surface, Kent may seem like any other SAT-ACT camp that focuses on vocabulary drills or just improving a score. However, once you start attending Kent, even as soon as the first day, you quickly realize it’s not simply for SAT/ACT training. This program also offers training for one’s overall identity. I particularly enjoyed a program called CAP training. We got inspiration that not only helped us with our study habits and SAT-ACT prep, but also our future and our lives. Kent motivates you to be a better person. If you are just looking for a better SAT-ACT score, don’t come to Kent. This is a lot more.”
-Daniel C. (New York, US)

Kent SAT-ACT Residential Programs

Kent SAT-ACT Residential Programs