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As we enter the new school year, our students are faced with high levels of uncertainty ranging from the lack of a proper learning environment, a delayed start to the school year, inconsistent remote learning from the DOE, and the lack of regular face-to-face interaction with teachers. Our online live classes will offer consistent high-quality learning where students will meet with their teachers in a live, safe online environment accompanied by our student management service

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Hunter D.

Why I recommend this prep school:

- They have full courses for students even during a time like this (COVID-19)

- The teachers are helpful, especially when a student in their class does not know how to execute a specific concept; sometimes the teacher will stop the class for a moment to teach a subject if a student requests for it to be taught.

- The classes are good in-length. There is enough time in each session for the classwork to be complete, including enough time for each pre-test before class.

This is not for lazy students. The programs at KENT are very rigorous. The student has to put effort in their homework and classwork, including studying on their own if they are confused on a specific topic. Only by these means will the student get good results and returns from the program. Would recommend for any parent(s), with a kid who is WILLING and EAGER to improve their skills in subjects like reading comprehension and writing by attending the sessions at Kent.


Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

I've been going to Kent since I was 8, and this place is amazing. They know how to get you prepped and ready for any test you're going to take and much more. I've studied for State Tests, the SHSAT, and now the SAT's here, and the service and results are fantastic every time. All the teachers, counselors, and staff, in general, are great and put in effort on helping every other student and me in the class. They are also so kind and are so dedicated to helping me succeed.

Honestly, the best prep place there possibly is, and I sincerely recommend anyone to go.

Bryce H.

If you are a student looking to boost your SAT score, this is definitely the right place for you, but only if you are determined to work hard. The resources provided by the teachers and staff, as well as the practices administered, easily grant you everything you need to understand the inner workings of the test. My personal score increased by 200, nearing that 1600 I wanted rather consistently towards the end of the program.

What I gained out of it, however, is something more than the score. Kent prides itself with a message on how education and how life should be. It has taught me life lessons that I truly won't forget.

Just like in life, you get what you put in. If you reach out to the teachers and staff, participate, study, and help others, the rewards you reap will be monumental. The door to success is open and it's your job to walk through. My Kent experience has given me many beautiful things that I will be thankful for for the rest of my life.


Kent Prep instructors are highly skilled educators in their fields who are experienced in teaching their courses in both classrooms and in online environments.


Through a placement test and preliminary consultation, counselors thoughtfully take students’ proficiency levels and academic goals into consideration when taking registrations. Thus, classes chosen are specifically tailored to each student’s unique needs for maximized learning.


Our online learning environment takes full advantage of interactive education technologies and emerging formats, offering students the opportunity to connect with their instructors and classmates anywhere in the country, or the world.

September 12th, 2020 to January 2nd, 2021

Weekday Schedule
Begins September 14th, 3:50PM-5:50PM

Saturday Schedule
Begins September 12th, 9:00AM-2:35PM(30-Minute Break Included)

2020-21 Fall Enrichment + Test Prep

  • ACT + SAT Prep (10th – 12th Grade): ACT/SAT Math, Reading, Grammar
  • PSAT Prep (9th – 10th Grade): Algebra II, PSAT Math, Grammar, Reading
  • SHSAT Prep (8th): Reading, Grammar, Math
  • Enrichment + Regents Prep (7 – 9th Grade): Reading, Writing, Math
  • Pre-SHSAT Prep (7th): Reading, Writing/Grammar, Math, Life Science
  • Hunter Prep* (6th): Reading, Writing, Math
  • Pre-Hunter Prep (5th): Reading, Writing, Math
  • Enrichment + Common Core Prep (Kinder – 6th Grade): Reading, Writing, Math