NYS Statewide Test | Common Core Test Prep + Enrichment for

3rd – 7th Graders

The NYC DOE administers a standardized exam to determine how well students have learned grade-level standards while also serving as an additional tool to help parents determine their children’s areas of strengths and weaknesses. Examinations in English Language Arts and Math are annually administered to students in grades 3 – 8, except for the additional Science Assessment, which is administered to grades 4 and 8. Doing well on the state exams opens up opportunities for gaining seats into academically advanced classes in middle schools and later into competitive high schools.

Course Description

“All the teachers and the counselor are really nice and kind. Kent Prep is a perfect place to study and get ready for all the tests that are coming up, such as the statewide.”


“I spent two summers at Kent and couldn’t be happier with my experience there. All the teachers were experts and enthusiastic, so that classes were interesting and fun. We also took timed practice tests that simulated real testing experience. Apart from the test prep, there are great counselors who are always looking out for us. Throughout the programs, they provided us with organized practice tests, classwork, and homework. Everyone could track their progression and see improvements just 1-2 weeks in. Even after the program, the counselors stay in touch with the students and help with college essays and school-related problems. No doubt Kent is the best prep you’ll find.”