Early Decision Early Action 2nd Early
New York Univ. (NY) 1-Nov 1-Jan 15-Dec
Georgia Tech. (GA) October 18,
November 1 (Non-Georgia)
Univ. Virginia (VA) 1-Nov 1-Nov 11-Dec
Wake Forest (NC) 15-Nov 1-Jan 15-Feb
Univ. Michigan-Ann Arbor (MI) 1-Nov
Carnegie Mellon (PA) 1-Nov 12-Dec
Georgetown (D.C.) 1-Nov 13-December
U.S. California (CA)
U.C. Berkeley (CA)
Emory (GA) 1-Nov 1-Jan 9-Dec
U.C.L.A. (CA)
Washington Univ. in St. Louis 1-Nov 2-Jan 14-Dec
Rice (TX) 1-Nov 10-Dec
Cornell (NY) 16-Nov 17-Dec
Vanderbilt (TN) 1-Nov 1-Jan 15-Dec
Univ. Notre Dame (IN) 1-Nov 16-Dec
Brown (RI) 1-Nov 17-Dec
Dartmouth (NH) 1-Nov December
Cal. Tech. (CA) 1-Nov December
Johns Hopkins (MD) 2-Nov 4-Jan 11-Dec
Duke (NC) 16-Nov 18-Dec
Northwestern (IL) 1-Nov 18-Dec
Univ. Pennsylvania (PA) 1-Nov 16-Dec
Univ. Chicago (IL) 2-Nov 2-Nov 4-Jan 21-Dec
Stanford (CA) 1-Nov 11-Dec
Yale (CT) 1-Nov 16-Dec
M.I.T. (MA) 1-Nov 19-Dec
Columbia (NY) 1-Nov 15-Dec
Harvard (MA) 1-Nov December
Princeton (NJ) 1-Nov
Early Decision Early Action 2nd Early
Kenyon (OH) 15-Nov 15-Jan February
Colorado (CO) 1-Nov 1-Nov 15-Jan December
The Holy Cross (MA) 15-Nov 15-Jan 15-Dec
*Bryn Mawr (PA) 15-Nov 1-Jan December
Macalester (MN) 1-Nov 1-Nov 1-Jan 6-Dec
*Barnard (NY) 1-Nov 14-Dec
Univ. of Richmond (VA) 1-Nov 25-Jan
Harvey Mudd (CA) 15-Nov 5-Jan 11-Dec
U. S. Military Academy (NY)
Bates (ME) 15-Nov 1-Jan 20-Dec
Wesleyan (CT) 15-Nov 1-Jan 12-Dec
U. S. Naval Academy (MD)
Davidson (NC) 15-Nov 4-Jan 15-Dec
Colgate (NY) 15-Nov 15-Jan December
Vassar (NY) 15-Nov 1-Jan December
Hamilton (NY) 15-Nov 1-Jan 15-Dec
Grinnell (IA) 15-Nov 1-Jan December
*Smith (MA) 15-Nov 1-Jan December
Haverford (PA) 15-Nov 1-Jan 15-Dec
Colby (ME) 15-Nov 1-Jan 15-Dec
Washington and Lee (VA) 1-Nov 1-Jan 13-Dec
Middlebury (VT) 15-Nov 1-Jan 12-Dec
Claremont McKenna (CA) 1-Nov 5-Jan December
Carleton (MN) 15-Nov 15-Jan 15-Dec
Bowdoin (ME) 15-Nov 5-Jan 11-Dec
Pomona (CA) 15-Nov 15-Feb 15-Dec
*Wellesley (MA) 1-Nov 1-Jan December
Swarthmore (PA) 15-Nov 4-Jan 15-Dec
Amherst (MA) 16-Nov 11-Dec
Williams (MA) 16-Nov 11-Dec

Congratulations to Parker R. – Accepted to Dartmouth College – Class of 2025



Kent Prep offers comprehensive admissions preparation for families interested in sending children to private and boarding schools in the US and UK, and universities in the US. When it comes to academic planning, things may seem overwhelming. Our Academic Consultation services follow precise timelines that keep families on track and aware throughout middle school and high school. Highly experienced counselors provide step-by-step guidance covering everything from taking the right classes, enrolling in effective extracurricular activities, making lists of private schools or colleges, and filling out forms and applications on time.


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Our strategic approach includes individual, comprehensive, one-on-one advising from a dedicated admissions counselor who will work with your family from start to finish. Our flexible approach is designed to meet the needs of every student, enabling you and your advisor to collaborate via a combination of phone, email, and videoconference.

Services included:

• College Admissions Action Plan, Timeline & Schedule
• College Matching & Personalized College List
• Major Selection + Career Path Assistance
• Admission Essay Writing Assistance
• Interview Coaching + Mock Interview with experienced Harvard U. Interviewer
• Acquiring Letters of Recommendation
• College Resume Building: Academic + Extracurricular Activities
• Searching and Applying for Scholarships
• Financial Aid Consulting & Form Explanations

Many questions can be asked, and numerous tasks need to be addressed to successfully tackle the college admission process. Kent Prep’s team of counselors can guide you through the process as early as in 5th grade to ensure you don’t miss any deadlines and opportunities to ensure you gain admittance into the top school of your choice.

With over 5,000 elite US private schools and universities to choose from, determining what schools to apply to can be overwhelming. This service intends to assist the student in creating a list of boarding/private schools, colleges, universities, and programs consistent with personal interests, values, and abilities. Kent Prep’s highly knowledgeable counselors provide in-depth information and assistance to navigate options and to make appropriate decisions based upon a student’s academic, career, and personal goals.

The admission essay is an opportunity to showcase who the applicant is as a student and individual. A well-written essay will allow the student to be set apart from other applicants and illustrate their potential beyond statistics. Through the collaboration of Kent Prep’s writing specialists and admission counselors, students will receive the guidance needed to produce an essay that exemplifies the characteristics colleges look for: self-awareness, leadership, ambition, work ethic/honesty, and openness.

The admission interview is all about showcasing yourself and the qualities that make you a great applicant. It allows admission officers to see what your personality is like, where your passions lie, and, most importantly, how you seem to fit – or don’t fit – the ideal mold of a student they would accept. If you’re an international student, the interview also presents an ideal opportunity to demonstrate your English skills and your readiness to attend university in the U.S. Our admission interview prep services equip you with the essential skills and confidence to present your best self in an interview setting.


Strengthen your interview skills and prepare strategies for responding to common (and surprise) interview questions. Review your goals, plans, and academic and extracurricular background with an experienced interviewer. Work with an experienced Ivy League interview and learn to respond effectively to interview questions, increase your conversational fluency, and practice speaking confidently.

  • 60-min in-depth coaching session and mock interview with an experienced interviewer
  • Strengthen interview skills and prepare powerful responses to interview questions
  • Instant feedback summarizing strengths and strategies for maximum success

Letters of recommendation are a valuable tool in reinforcing what’s on your application while also providing a professional assurance of the student’s ability to succeed in college and beyond. Well written recommendation letters communicate revealing information about the student and demonstrate their impressive academic, personal, and social skills. Kent Prep’s advisors’ team can help you decide which individuals to request a letter from and how to approach them effectively.

Academic Achievements + Extracurricular Activities:  Extracurricular activities, such as clubs or team sports, is an important element in a college application. How the student spends their free time reveals a lot about them— in ways, grades and test scores can’t. A student’s accomplishments outside the classroom show what they are passionate about and demonstrate the qualities valued by colleges. Kent Prep’s team can help you organize your awards and activities or help you determine which ones to pursue if you haven’t started already.

When it’s time to start making decisions about enrolling in college, many students have questions about choosing a college major. Selecting a college major is a personal decision that involves time reflecting on goals, likes, dislikes, skills, and aptitudes. Trained academic counseling provides researched guidance for school choice, major selections, and career paths by exploring vocational passions and strengths using Briggs Type Indicator® and Strong Interest Inventory®.
“The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment provides robust insight into a person’s interests, so you can help them to consider potential careers, their educational path, and the world of work. Built on psychologist John Holland’s theory, it’s backed by more than 80 years of research into how people of similar interests are employed and what motivates individuals in the workplace. A recent survey reported that 80% of organizations saw improvement in their ability to help students choose the right major after implementing the Strong assessment.”


“As I understand the Kent Program, the students will be exposed to the comprehensive and multi-faceted aspects of the college admissions process: the application, essays, letters of recommendations, SAT’s activities, and so forth. This exposure should enable students to present their “best case” to college admissions officials. The Kent Program is not a magic formula; it cannot get you in. However, what it can do is ensure that you have left “no stones unturned” in your quest for admission to the elite schools.”