Our mission at Kent Prep is to provide training in the development of character, aptitude, and passion to ensure that children possess the discipline to excel academically while acquiring the capacity to lead.

For 30 years now, Kent Prep has had the privilege to work with students across the globe to reach new heights in academia. We know that this could not be done without the constant support of our loyal families.

To show our appreciation for them, we have established this membership program which will offer various benefits for eligible families.


Gold Silver
Appreciation Voucher for named student
*voucher can be used towards all programs, services, and tutoring packages upon registration
$250 Voucher $200 Voucher
Friends & Family Voucher
(Must be first-time registrants)
$200 Voucher $150 Voucher
Academic Basic Consultation (90 mins) $150 / $100 Discount $100 / $50 Discount
Premier Consultation $300 / $200 Discount $200 / $100 Discount
Academic Management Program (A.M.P.) 20% Discount 15% Discount
College and Private High School Admission Service 20% Discount 15% Discount
Summer Residential Program $750 $500
Personal calls & reminders for seminars, conferences,
and important dates (ERDC, official exams, etc.)
Included Included



  • Attended at least 4 semesters of either our 16-week Saturday course (3 subjects), 22-week or more weekday course (3 days/week min.), or Gold or Platinum private instruction package within the past 2 years.

  • Or attended our full Summer Residential Program within the past 2 years.

  • Student of “Good Standing”

    • Adheres to Kent’s Code of Conduct (meets all homework, classwork, and behavior requirements)
    • Outstanding academic track record
    • No outstanding balances and no history of late payments with accounting department