SAT-ACT-SSAT Summer Prep

Kent Prep’s SAT-ACT-SSAT residential and day summer programs are designed to deliver 4 concentrated weeks of test preparation designed and proven to boost test scores.

Residential Programs

July 14 - August 8, 2019


Kent Prep is a boutique US college preparatory school that has been providing reputable services and tailored counseling since 1989. Based in the quintessentially diverse heart of New York, families seeking have flown their children in from all over the world to gain guidance from Kent Prep’s personable admissions specialists. 

Premier SAT-ACT-SSAT Residential Programs (4-week course)
SAT / ACT Prep for 8–11G
SSAT Prep for 4-7G

Program Module

  • Minimum of 6 hours/day of SAT-ACT-SSAT training with subject specific instructors
  • Practice of up to 10 official SAT-ACT-SSAT mock exams to benchmark scores
  • Small group/tutoring available 24/7 with residing teachers
  • Public speaking training and practice
  • Supervised daily timetable
  • Planned group weekend excursions and activities
  • Full utilization and access to gated college facilities
  • Continuous academic counseling services available following program
  • Distinguished recommendation letters with successful completion
  • Airport shuttle services (additional fee applies)

Day Programs

July 15 - August 6, 2019
(9 AM - 4:30 PM)


Throughout the 16-day course, experienced test specialists conduct classes to help students minimize errors and maximize scores in a small classroom setting. Students also have many opportunities to take official SAT-ACT-SSAT mock exams to practice learned techniques and benchmark scores in a realistic test taking environment.

Day Programs: 7 hours of fail-safe score increase each day (16-day course)
SAT / ACT Prep for 8–11G
SSAT Prep for 4-7G

Program Module

  • 170 total hours of test specific coursework (7 hours/day)
  • 8-9 full length mock exams
  • 1000 vocabulary word memorization training

Location (Residential & Day Program)

Manhattanville College, NY

(*For residential program students-Round trip airport transportation available from JFK)

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How to apply

How to apply