Q. Where can I send my child if I prepare for this exam?
A. Most competitive private and independent schools nationwide accept SSAT test results to fulfill admission requirements.

Q. How does the test break up into different grade levels?
A. There are three levels of the test: the Elementary Level for students in grades 3 and 4 who are applying to grades 4 and 5, the Middle Level for students in grades 5-7 applying for grades 6-8, and the Upper level, designed for students in grades 8-11 who are applying for grades 9-12.

Q. How is the test formatted?
A. The Middle and Upper Level test is timed and divided into five sections. You will be given 25 minutes for the writing sample, 30 minutes each for verbal, and two quantitative (math) sections, and 40 minutes for the reading section.

Q. What do the subject areas exactly cover?
SSAT Reading– Skills to interpret literature, poems, and passages about social science and technology is required for this exam.
With given 25 minutes for the test, students are not required to finish all 40 questions, but as much as they can, based upon their proficiency level. Reading passages scale from easy to harder questions.
SSAT Math – Basic arithmetic skills are required for solving word problems on this math section. Heavy algebra and geometry concepts are covered along with very difficult
SSAT Vocabulary and Analogies – There are total of 60 questions to solve in 25 minutes on this section of the test, 40 vocabulary and 20 analogy questions. Vocabulary words range from 7th to pre-college level, similar to SAT words and asks to find synonyms for each word. Analogies also range from easy to medium to very hard esoteric word choices.