SAT/ACT (10th – 12th Grade)

Most colleges applications require an ACT or SAT score, making taking the exam an absolute must. Beyond it being a requirement, scores on the SAT and ACT allow schools to narrow down the playing field and make decisions on acceptance. Some schools receive thousands of applications a year and cannot practically go through each transcript, resume, and essay- so a low ACT or SAT score can automatically count against you.

In addition, your SAT and ACT scores can be used to apply to merit-based scholarships even if your GPA is a little lower than expected or desired. High ACT or SAT scores offers you another opportunity to show the college or university how far you’ve come academically and how you can work under pressure, study hard, and perform well. 

Kent Prep know that the hard work put into raising scores will pay you back and our team is ready to help you perfect those scores.

Fall, Spring, Summer

Each class day is broken up into subject specific periods that are led by expert ACT/SAT instructors with proven success records. Students are broken up into smaller groups based upon proficiency level and by exam. Small class sizes provide a safe environment for students to ask questions while instructors are well-positioned to identify and address problem areas.

Crash Course

Our SAT and ACT crash courses adapt to targeted test dates and score goals. These highly intensive courses are composed of highly comprehensive instruction using effective drills, mock exams, and expert instruction.

Mock Exam

Practicing under realistic exam conditions allows for students to perfect their scores leading up to their official exam. Mock exams are also a great opportunity for students to gauge how much preparation they need and when they should plan to take an official exam. Kent Prep mock exams are exams that were previously administered as official ones. Tests are also followed up with a personalized report of scores that will help students understand their strengths and weaknesses. Mock Exams Registration Page